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Sydney Film Base helps you become a professional Film Maker or Screen Actor with the best courses, week nights.

  1. Sydney 4 Month Film Course (View More)                   October 2nd 2014 – February 5th 2015 Thursday Nights

We also support our film makers graduates with Work Opportunities & Film Equipment & Networking.

1098029_10151785930311273_1601068698_nIndependent Film Makers BLOG by Colm O’Murchu

Colm O’Murchu owns Sydney Film Base and the Independent Film Centre located at 1 Villiers Street Parramatta.  He is an active film maker who directed and wrote The Makeover 95 minute motion picture and Dealing with Destiny.

You can see the Trailers in Films on this Website. In October he will shoot the $2.2 Million motion picture Absolute Freedom shooting in the USA and in the Australian Outback. He still finds time to teach some sessions on the 4 Month Film Production Course The blog covers how to make your films, the independent Film Market and how to improve the quality of your films. This is a must for the emerging film maker

The Final 4 Month Film Directors Course – Special Announcement

Newsletter for The Independent Film Centre September 10th 2014  This year has been a great year with our move to the Independent Film Centre.  It has been very exciting.  I would like to announce that major changes are on the way as we … Continue reading

movie review

MovieRaves Two Films that I very much enjoyed in the cinema

The last Melbourne 4 Month Film Course of 2014  starts today Tuesday August 26th 2014  and the final  Sydney Film Course of 2014 starts soon on Thursday October 2nd 2014.  We do have a social event for film networkers and … Continue reading


Three ways to produce a great edit and make your film work.

I am writing about editing a film today because it is close to my heart.  I feel so many times a film is made or broken in the edit.  In my personal opinion, it is the most challenging and difficult … Continue reading


Five Great reasons to visit Myanmar (Burma), a travel experience with a difference.

It’s two weeks since my last post and Valeska and  I have finally arrived back from Myanmar (Burma).  I thought that this week, I would write about the experience of travel and the fun of going to a country that … Continue reading


Greetings from Burma – 5 Attributes you must have if you want millions of people to see your work.

I am out of town this week.  Yes, I am currently on a bus travelling between Yangoon and Bagan in Burma (Myanmar). As always, I have my camera shooting as much as I can of what I see on the … Continue reading


How to Produce Stellar Actor Performances – 4 Areas that the Film Director needs to Focus On

To people in the know, film making is a Director and Editor’s Medium.  What is meant by this statement, is that the screen actor who acts in the film is only one of many contributors to the whole process.  However, … Continue reading


Three Big Cock-Ups when creating an awesome Shot List for your Film.

A shot list is a list of shots that are used to cover a scene. An experienced Film Director will always want to get the best and maximum coverage of shots necessary to tell the story of that scene. Often … Continue reading


Three Hot Tips to improve Screen Acting Performances

Screen Acting:   Today I would like to talk about the craft of screen acting.  Screen Acting is a wonderful way to make a living.  There are many actors who train via acting schools who teach many different techniques.  However, so … Continue reading


5 Ways to make your film/video look and sound professional

Times have changed and today there are three types of Film Makers/Video Makers in the independent Film World: The Traditional Crew/ Director – Films made this way generally have reasonable budgets that can pay for the expense of a large … Continue reading


Indie Film Centre is launched in Sydney Australia-

Dear Reader It is great pleasure that I announce a major new departure in what we do at Sydney Film Base and International Film Base. Indie Film Centre is HERE: For the Rebel who thinks differently For the Person who … Continue reading


Yes we Can – Making your film happen now

Making your film happen is more a state of mind than circumstances aligning. Whether it is a $2.2 million film or a micro budget film, the principal is still the same. Make a film happen by setting deadlines for each part of … Continue reading

images-150x150 (1)

How did Tarantino make it to the top in Hollywood? Lessons you can learn from his experience

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most famous writer/directors. But he was a low achiever at school and found academic studies very difficult. He had a troubled childhood. How did Quentin go from being a sales assistant in a video shop … Continue reading


Film Rave – Dallas Buyers Club – 10 out 10

Today, I saw “Dallas Buyers Club” and yes  I have to rave about this film.  I have seen all  of the Oscar Films now and in my opinion Matthew McConaughey’s performance deserves the Oscar. The film is hard work at times … Continue reading


Six all important Areas an experienced Film Director focuses on

Film Directing is such an important part of the film making process. Often, beginner or ineffective film directors destroy a really strong film script.  The effective Film Director should be the guardian of the story.  Strong Directors have a vision … Continue reading


5 Ways for the Film Director to Prepare for the Film Shoot

Film Shoots are always the fun part of Film Production.  I have been on so many film sets over the years and to this day I find that people find the shoot the most intense and enjoyable part of the … Continue reading

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